Deciding to use Free Website Builder is a great decision! Getting started with an easy-to-use, automatic website builder should be simple, quick, and even exciting. To create an account, you'll first need a previously unregistered email. (This means you haven't created an account with us using this email in the past.) Once you're on the Free Website Builder homepage, simply look for and click the Login button at the top right-hand corner of the page. After that, look for and click the Sign-Up button. Next, you will see our pricing plans, select any plan according to your wish and click on purchase (If you want to take a free trial, you need to click on trial). Now, you can fill out your user name, email address, and password and click Continue! to get started.

Of course not. Once you have created your account, at the same time, we will send you a verification mail containing a verification link. You have to verify your account by following the link. After that, you can create your website without any interruption.

Nop, you just need a previously unregistered email, and you can take advantage of the trial.

Absolutely, you can add your custom domain. But for this, you have to buy a premium plan. After taking the premium plan, you need to share the domain name details with us by filling out a form.